Évelyne Anjou

Role-Played By Lady Khione



Muggle Natalie Byzantine was one of the members of the Commando Marines, France's equal to America's Green Berets. She was never expecting to meet one of the descendants of France's, Sicily's and Naples' royal families: Caspian Anjou when running one of her usual training missions. Caspian Anjou, a magical representative of Naples' and Sicily's Royal Families, was not due to inherit the titles and thrones of those two countries. Instead, even though he was fifteenth in line, the young man wizard was instead put on ministerial duties, also known as making alliances and all that other political things that came with being a member of the royal family.

It was all due to the match-making enjoyment that her other comrades had, and upon seeing her reaction to Caspian, who, I might add, was dressed in formal uniform, decided to take everything into their own hands and effectively pushed Natalie to be his guide for the duration of his stay. Over the months, Caspian charmed Natalie big time, and took her to meet his family



  • Évelyne Anjou is modeled by Mackenzie Foy. Her future model is either Lily Collins or Shelley Hennig.
  • Évelyne: Latinate form of AVELINE. It was revived by the author Fanny Burney for the heroine of her first novel 'Evelina' (1778). It is often regarded as a variant of the related name EVELYN or an elaboration of EVE. From the Norman French form of the Germanic name Avelina, a diminutive of AVILA. The Normans introduced this name to Britain. After the Middle Ages it became rare as an English name, though it persisted in America until the 19th century. Derived from the Germanic element avi, of unknown meaning, possibly "desired". This name is also given in honour of the 16th-century mystic Saint Teresa of Ávila, Ávila being the name of the town in Spain where she was born.
  • Natalie: From the Late Latin name Natalia, which meant "Christmas Day" from Latin natale domini. This was the name of the wife of the 4th-century martyr Saint Adrian of Nicomedia. She is venerated as a saint in the Orthodox Church, and the name has traditionally been more common among Eastern Christians than those in the West. It was popularized in America by actress Natalie Wood (1938-1981), who was born to Russian immigrants.
  • Anjou: From the House of Anjou, a French Royal House that eventually became Kings of Naples and Sicily. This line is thought to be extinct in the Muggle world.
  • Her mother is a Commando Marine, one of France's elite soldiers.
  • Her father is a high-ranking politician, working in both Muggle and Magical worlds.