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Eva Name

Full Name Eva Noelle Carlson
Nickname Eva
Basic Info
Birthday December 24th, 2019
Home Lil Bundles
Relationship Info
Status Single
Sexuality Heterosexual/Heteroromantic
Best Friend No One
Pets None
Family On The Wiki No One

School/Career Info
Year/Occupation First-Year
Titles Miss Carlson, Daughter of Luck
Optional Classes Taken None yet
Magical Info
Species Witch
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Wand Core
Wand Wood
Wand Arm Ambidextrous
Boggart Her dreams
Patronus Unknown at this point in time

Model Mackenzie Foy
Gender Female
Hair Colour Brown
Hair Length/Style Long and Loose
Eye Colour Brownish-Hazel
Skin Colour Pale
Clothing Style Casual, but also elegant
Other Info About Looks
Eva stands at 5'1" and is at the young age of eleven. She knows of whom she takes after in appearance, and has mourned her parents and family since the fire. Her eyes have a soft light in them when she's excited, but her voice does not give it away. It is rare to hear any type of inflection in her voice.

Colour Pale colors
Music Classical Music
Food Traditional Norwegian
Sweets She doesn't eat them.
Animal Dog
Class Transfiguration
Season/Weather Winter
Dream Job Undetermined
Happiest When...
Unknown currently.

Eva Infobox

This princess knows that there's no prince in shining armor coming for her. She slays her own dragons.

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