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Selene Name

Full Name Selene Madison Ashford
Nickname Selene, Maddie,
Basic Info
Birthday October 31st, 2016
Nationality British-American
Home Lil Bundles
Relationship Info
Status Single
Sexuality Unknown
Best Friend Unknown
Pets Grey, the Great grey Owl
Family On The Wiki Mississippi Ashford-Wilde

School/Career Info
House Slytherin
Year/Occupation Third Year Student
Titles Injured Moon, Half Spirit-Nymph
Optional Classes Taken None
Magical Info
Species Witch/Half Spirit-Nymph/Human
Blood Status Half-Blood
Wand Core Unicorn Hair
Wand Wood Madrona
Wand Arm Ambidextrous
Boggart Not finding her family ever again
Patronus Raven

Model Danielle Campbell
Gender Female
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Hair Length/Style Long, Curling slightly
Eye Colour Brown
Skin Colour Pale
Clothing Style Casual
Other Info About Looks
She also has a small silvery mark on the back of her neck, showing her nymph heritage. This is usually hidden by her hair or the high collars of the robes.

Colour Blues and Purples
Music Instrumental
Food Sandwiches
Sweets She can't have any
Animal Owl
Class Transfiguration
Season/Weather Autumn
Dream Job Intelligence Auror
Happiest When...
Being on her own

Selene Infobox
Vision of Spirits

The sun sees your body, but the moon sees your soul

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Being half spirit-nymph, Selene is naturally very shy and reserved. From childhood, she was the quiet little one in the background. Despite her terrible background, Selene became one of the quietest and reserved kids you'll ever meet. She's hesitant to trust, maybe because of her history, but once you show her that you can be trusted, she'll be your loyalest friend.

The reserved walls and behavior hide a quick-thinking, intelligent, cunning, ambitious, and watchful young woman. Selene is graceful like her namesake, relying on her quick thoughts and ability to disfuse the tension out of any situation with a few words. She doesn't talk much, but when she's needed to, she will. Selene knows what exactly to say to stop trouble in their tracks, and is a very unpredictable force at times.

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Slytherin Crest (Gif)


Born to Lucas Jones, a full spirit-nymph, and Alicia Ashford, Selene Freya Ashford entered the world on October 31st, 2016 in a small Texas town. Selene had an almost normal life, besides the almost-constant hurt she got from Alicia after Lucas left yet again. She proved that she had some skill at school, easily achieving all As, and discovered her nymph heritage at the age of 10, when her abilities manifested. Before discovering that she was part-nymph, Selene also found that she was magical, having seen the magic in action during one of her almost constant coughing fits. Her first sign of magic was summoning a book to her when she was confined to bed one week. This caused some concern, but Alicia took her to the doctor, and they found that she had Severe Combined Immunodefiency, which meant that her immune system wasn't working as properly as it should have been, and that led to her getting sick easier than most.

Selene entered Ilvermony, being sorted into Pukwudgie. She attended the American school until the end of her second year, whereupon her mother's lack of care was discovered, and she was brought to Lil Bundles, located in Hogsmeade. Selene started at Hogwarts this year, being half-spirit nymph, and looking for the one person that she knew of from some old pictures her mother had: Mississippi Ashford-Wilde. She is hoping to find her, but knows that deep in her heart, that chances are that she won't want her. Just like everyone else has.


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She is half spirit-nymph by her father
Selene suffers from SCID (Severe Combined Immunodefiency)
She hates getting involved in fights

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